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Our Work

Our vision is that everyone should have access to high quality participatory arts opportunities. 


Quench Projects


We design our own projects to address identified need, working together with local communities and partners across the West Midlands. Our experience has shown us that using the arts can make a positive difference to people's lives. ​
Our own projects focus on nurturing artistic talent and progression in areas where opportunities may be limited. We also provide professional development and mentoring support to artists working in communities according to our vision.

We work in partnership with Music Education Hubs, Health and Wellbeing organisations and local community groups to ensure our projects address a real need.


If you are viewing this page on a mobile device, our desktop version may have more detail regarding the specific projects we deliver. To access content regarding our 'on demand' online seminar for the Wavelength project (a creative music making project for young people with mental health conditions), please click here. To find out more about our Personalised Health Budget offer, please click here. For links to our blogs, please click here.

Through our Quench-ology strand we also offer consultancy services to like-minded organisations.

We focus our work on the following areas:

Click on the buttons above to find out more about our work in each strand.

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