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At Quench Arts we like to share our learning. We do this regularly via our social media content, including through our resource page on Facebook and through our YouTube and SoundCloud sites. On this 'Blogs' page you will find information related to our adult wellbeing work, plus links to our Youth Music Network page which hosts all our blogs related to our Youth Music funded programmes. If you are looking for our Wavelength project 'on demand' seminar content, reflecting our our youth music and mental health work, this is available here.

Writing Case Studies

Why It’s Important as an Artist to Reflect on Participant Progress

We have been writing case studies on participants of Quench Arts music projects in the West Midlands, UK for about seven years. This article explains why reflecting on participants’ p...

The Benefits of Baselining

The tools we use and methods of gathering data creatively.

There are numerous benefits of baselining to create a more accurate and relevant understanding of the processes that have taken place during one's developmental journey on a community m...

Working with young people with mental health difficulties can be challenging for many reasons but one thing that we as practitioners encounter regularly is low self-esteem. Confidence is a massive stumbling block for young people and when you have mental health difficu...

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